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Why Is Forex Trading So Addictive

Forex is a network of buyers on the foreign exchange market and there are over millions of buyers and sellers every day on the forex market. Foreign exchange is done for so many different purposes. Some even use it to simply convert a currency to another for traveling purposes, but most who enter the market, enter to earn a profit. The movement of prices in the currency market is extremely volatile and people analyze every movement and detail to get the best buck out of each forex transaction they make. 

Forex trading is practiced by so many people around the world. The number of brokers and traders around the world is endless. Top forex broker Indonesia to Vietnam, they make the forex market an easy and accessible place for many individual traders. Unsurprisingly we have thousands and billions of traders entering the market. The pursuit of earning money on forex markets is addictive. It can either end up in a huge magnitude of profit or equally huge losses. But for some, the gamble and game are worth it. 

So let’s discuss some of the reasons why so many practice forex trading and why it is so addictive. People spend hours on the market only to get a phenomenon called traders sleep, where they suffer insomnia and result in other mental illnesses. 

Forex Trading Can Serve As  Distraction 

Distractions are loved by all. Especially if we are crippled with financial difficulties or even without it. When the world is going south what’s better than a distraction and thrill of another object or an activity. Some may opt for healthier activities as a distraction such as swimming. But some do fall for forex trading as a distraction from the world. 

It Is An Exciting Rush 

Exciting is an understatement. The rush of placing your money and watching the market and currency prices, certainly does cause an adrenaline rush. Success stories from various traders along with their promise of a certain “enthusiasm” make the path of trading even more exciting, despite the losses we face. The losses only motivate us to keep placing our money to somehow “win” the money back and avoid financial ruin. 

People Don’t Need A Large Capital To Start Trading 

Whether you have five dollars or five hundred dollars, you can easily start up a trading account with small capital. If all we have is 100 dollars as savings, people are tempted to try their luck in trading with this amount. Especially those who are reckless with their spending and looking for a “quick buck” with the help of some forex trading. However, it is not easy to get a winning day or a week or even a year. Even if it is easy to start up, it is not easy to stay in the game profitably.  Especially if we don’t know a winning strategy. 

Resources Are Everywhere

Again, there are so many advertisements and traders promoting the pursuit of trading. With the enormous number of resources, it is impossible to not be enticed. The accessibility to the market for five days a week and the huge leverage only make it a more enticing pursuit. 

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