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What You Can Do To Keep Your Husband By Your Side

According to the stats, almost half of the marriages in the US end up in divorce. Knowing about this, for sure you want to exert more efforts so your marriage will always be strong, especially if you already have kids. You surely want to treat your husband well so that he will always be by your side. But there are times when we can’t live up with what’s on our mind. There are times when without really intending to, we end up treating our partners shabbily. 

So, as reminders, you can check below the things you should do to keep your marriage or to hold on to your partner in life:

  • Try to be the one your husband will confide in when he is feeling down or when he has a problem. Make yourself be his confidence booster and this means criticizing him less or boosting his confidence when everyone is criticizing him. This is not easy though as there are really a lot of times when we think our husband is really not doing his best or simply annoying. At times like that, you should just stay away from him for the time being. 
  • As he is only human, he must have a lot of downsides. So, you won’t be disappointed by him, try to focus on his good sides. If he is the breadwinner of the family, you can easily do that. Think of the times when he has to sacrifice his happiness just so you will be comfortable so you will not end up getting annoyed with him. At times when he loses confidence in himself, be his rock and sing his praises. 
  • When it comes to bed, try to be sensitive. Yes, there will be times when you are not in the mood. But if during those times, your partner will ask you to do it, then try your best to dance with him. You can make use of Malaysia adult sex toys as sometimes, they can help a lot. They can be a replacement if you are not in the mood. 
  • Is your night starting to get boring that you notice he is not eager to go inside your room at night anymore? If that is the case, why not try to experiment? Maybe you can try something new or seduce him with sexy and lacy lingerie? I am pretty sure he will be surprised pleasantly. He might even look forward to such things and will be eager to join you in your room again. 
  • While you must be timid before when it comes to having sex, that should not be the case when it comes to being married already. You don’t need to be a figurehead at all times. You should also do the initiative once in a while as this can make your partner seem wanted as well. 

Indeed, you also need to do your part if you want your marriage to last. Don’t just hand everything to fate and just wait what will happen.