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What Is Investing In A House For Rent In Dutamas?

The value of residential real estate intended for the middle stream of the population is always determined by the ability of the population to pay for it. As income grows, so does the nominal value of the real estate. But we can never expect people to pay 90% of their income for rent or mortgage. These are, of course, general truths, and I am not saying anything new.

However, if the rise or fall in real estate prices concerns you personally and you are buying an apartment for yourself or as an investment, you will not be interested in general truths, but in the specific forecast of the price of the apartment you want to buy.

In addition, you need to ask yourself the following question: Did I choose a site that has the potential to be interested in it in the future?

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From an economic analysts point of view, it is certainly important to know whether apartment prices will generally go up or down.

However, we as investors are interested in the specific apartment we are buying. What do his surroundings look like? Will the area be just an empty ghetto in a few years? Should an industrial zone be built near your house according to the zoning plan? Is the apartment located in an environment that will suit the aging population?

Monitoring the national market is important, but if you sell your apartment over time, buyers will not be interested because the house for rent Dutamas is far more expensive. Each apartment or other property is sold individually, and although macroeconomic movements will affect the general interest in buying it, the location, presentation, and, last but not least, your bargaining skills will determine the actual price when selling.

The Right Selection

We are not so used to the situation when the price of a property is decided on which street it is located or even whether it is located on its right or left side. However, this trend is slowly beginning to appear, especially in larger cities, and we can expect that human vanity and the effort to have the upper hand over the neighbor will cause it to move on.


So if you are buying a property, by carefully considering its location, you can most likely guarantee that it will retain its value even though prices will fall in other places. Locations to consider can be any from Mont Kiara to Titiwangsa. Returning to the introductory analogy, it may cool down throughout the country, but if you choose a place where the sun shines all year round, you will always be warm here.

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