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The importance of video games in the modern times

With the end of coronavirus not in sight anytime soon, people are locked up in their home and plenty of events are cancelled to reduce the spread of the virus. As they are trapped in their homes with nothing to do, these people seek to entertain themselves through any means to not bore themselves to death. And thus, video games are the remedy to one’s boredom as various genres exist to suit anyone’s taste and endless games to explore, if they are willing to spend some money of course. 

Video games are always considered the main source of blame by parents who considered video games as a taboo for children when they are failing in education. Although it might be true, it is the part of the parents to control their children’s habits to prevent them from playing video games excessively. Nevertheless, children who play video games actually develop interesting skills that they would otherwise couldn’t have in exchange for their social skills and education. They would gain better reflexes, tracking speed, faster thought process and developing a second language or improve their main language depending on the games they are exposed to. For example, a 10 year-old boy managed to save his grandmother and younger brother by driving the car to a nearby ditch. He credited his experience of playing Mario Kart that gave him the knowledge and quick thinking to grab the driving wheel and drove off-road. 

Naturally, gamers love to prove themselves being better than the rest so they try any occasion to display their skills to stand out among the rest. Therefore, competitive games in certain genres are created to appeal towards that specific demand. These games are then made into their own annual tournament event called e-sports. E-sports are similar to sports in a sense that they are held in large venues to have teams competing against each other for prizes. Although some games are popular enough that they get tournaments worldwide, some countries would hold tournaments for lesser known video games. Tekken 7, DOTA 2 and League of legends are some of the esports Malaysia gamers are consistently participating in as some tournaments help the competitors to compete in an international setting if they are able to win the first prize or eligible to be part of a team who competes in other competitive games. With some of them being free to play, some of these video games have a long life due to how changes in the game can shift the meta drastically that it becomes commonly used by casual players. The developers consistently come up with updates that would either fix the meta or introduce a wide variety of new items and gameplay mechanics that allow their players to explore and discover how the new items suit their playstyle, providing new experience for veterans to play around. MOBA games tend to be more popular in the gaming community as they tend to be more competitive than other genres and have a stronger emphasis on teamwork.

With video games becoming popular even to the elderly, it will eventually develop to become ultra realistic where it is difficult to tell virtual and reality apart.

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