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Learning About Some Of The Most Used Gambling Lingo Terms

If you can, you should stop yourself from gambling as this is not a good idea. Nothing will come from it. Yes, you may occasionally win, but trust me, you will lose most of the time if it becomes a habit. But then again, if you can’t really stop it, why not just do it in a safer place? That is right and to do that, you can just enjoy your casino games in an online betting Malaysia. With this, you cannot antagonize your wife and most of all, you and your family will be safer from the virus. 

online betting Malaysia

Do you know about the gambling lingo? Some of the terms might not be familiar to you. Check below for some of the most common ones:

Cold Table – this is when most of the players are right away losing money.

Crapshoot – this refers to something that is quite risky and unsure. 

Crimp – this can be assumed as cheating as someone will try to make a bend at the edge of the card so it will be recognized. 

Craps – this is a type of table game that is quite popular. The player has many options when it comes to the types of betting.

Deposit – this is when a player will make a deposit to his casino account so he can play. 

Discard Tray – this is where the discarded cards that are used by a dealer will be placed. 

Double or Nothing – here, the player will make a double bet and if he wins, the money will be doubled, but once he loses, he wins nothing. 

Drop Percentage – this is a portion of a player’s winnings that the casino can take due to the house edge. 

Even Money – this is when a player wins exactly the same amount of what he wagered. It is like he does not lose nor win. 

Fish – this pertains to a player who is always losing and is just betting on any hand, no matter if the cards are weak or not. 

Figure – this is the accumulated amount that is either payable or owed to the bookmaker. 

Firing – this is what they call a player who bets a large amount of money. 

Fixed Odds – this is when the winning of a certain bettor is already set. This is not like the slot games when the winnings are just random. 

Full House – this is a set of cards where there are two pairs of the same number and another set of three of the same number as well. 

Flush – this is when all five cards are in the same group like all spades and so on. This is usually in a poker game. 

There are still other gambling terms that are not on this list. While you can just be fine without really knowing them, still it will be fine to know them ahead. Thus, if you feel bored, you can learn about them online. You will be surprised to see that there are just so many of them.