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Plasticizers For Concrete, Uses And Characteristics

Plasticizers for concrete increase the workability and workability of the mix. This makes it possible to use cement masses that would otherwise be impossible to place on site or to reduce the mixing water of the concrete for the benefit of its strength.

Concrete additives are added in percentages that vary between 0.1 and 3%, producing significant changes in the characteristics of the binder.

What are plasticizer additives used for?

Plasticizing admixtures for concrete are chemicals of a predominantly organic nature that add its grain size to the concrete and facilitate the fluidity of the mortar.

In the construction industry, additives must be used that can improve the basic characteristics of mass concrete.

These additives are basically used to:

  • Reduce the mixing water compared to that of a binder of the same consistency without additive;
  • Produce beneficial effects in reducing the tendency to segregation of the mixture;
  • Reduce permeability and, consequently, obtain a more durable conglomerate characterized by less shrinkage and deformation;
  • Increase the workability of concrete;
  • Increase the adhesion of concrete mortar to reinforcing elements and various building materials;
  • Ensuring mass uniformity;
  • Reduce the volume of cement consumption by up to 20%;
  • Increase the resistance of foundation structures;
  • Improve the tensile, bending and shear strength of concrete;
  • Increase the mechanical compression and resistance to frost temperature and humidity of the concrete;
  • Reduce the risk of cracking on the concrete surface;
  • Reduce shrinkage-induced stress;
  • Reduce the percentage of water, improving the characteristics of the already hardened product;

Extend the useful life of the product obtained.

The different plasticizers

Depending on the purpose, all construction plasticizers are divided into several main types.

The Omega 101 allows to obtain long periods of workability in all the levels of consistency, in comparison to the classic additives.

It has a wide dosage range so it can easily be used in a wide range of concretes.

With this chemical supplier Malaysia plasticizer a homogeneous, cohesive concrete, free of exudation and weakly viscous is obtained, so a better finish can be achieved more easily.

3d resources is specially formulated for the construction of semi-dry consistency concrete. In addition, it improves the resistance of parts made of dry concrete.

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