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Need A Scare? Here Are 5 Free Horror Role-Playing Games (RPG) To Play During Quarantine

Horror RPGs has been a hot trend in the gaming world, but when it comes to deliver the suspense and the tension that makes you feel on the edge of your seat, these games will give you the blast of the past with its pixelated graphic that would still capable of making you too scared to sleep at night! Best of all, they are all free to download for you to play after working with your network marketing software!

 Here are 5 free horror RPGs to play when you’re bored at home:

1)   Ib

What if you are a nine-year-old who is trapped inside an art gallery and is chased by monsters manifested from the art themselves? This puzzle-based game revolves around Ib, a young girl who found herself in another dimension of the art world. Mannequins come to life, portraits watching your every movements, sometimes there would be random paintings that will sing and scream (or even a silly sneeze) that will make you jump out of your seat. You are playing as a child who desperately searches for an escape while being accompanied by Gary, a young man who is also stuck in the other world. With intense chasing from growling monsters and mind-boggling puzzles, you are provided with a rose as your health bar. Lose all petals and your soul will be trapped forever in the ominous art gallery, or rather, you became a part of the art itself.

2)   Mad Father

There are times when your father is too busy to spend time with you because of work, but to find out about your father driven into obsession of making dolls out of living people will make you terrified for your naïve mind to comprehend. You are Aya, a sweet young girl who lives in a mansion cursed by your deceased mother’s vengeance against your father, a scientist whose utmost desire is to make you turn into a doll so that you could live in immortality.

Sickening, isn’t it? And that’s what makes the game more charming! You will encounter the vengeful souls of the dolls who used to be human beings and appease them, all the while finding ways to escape from your ‘Mad Father.’

Believe me, the true ending of the game will shock you of what has become of Aya after the chaos.

3)   Ao Oni

Although it follows the cliché trope of ‘going to a haunted house’, the ‘ghosts’ are more terrifying than you expect them to be. You are visiting an abandoned mansion with your friends after hearing rumors about it being haunted, until your curiosity may kill you. Inhabiting the mansion is an Ao Oni (Japanese translation of ‘Blue Demon’), a monster with unsettling features that might make you keep looking under your bed. Its bulging eyes, humongous nose and horrifyingly sharp teeth, the blue demon is known by game lovers as a nightmare fuel. Solve puzzles while your life’s on the line, and if there is a sudden ominous music coming out of nowhere, RUN!

4)   The Witch’s House

A lonely witch living in the woods may seem familiar to you, but The Witch’s House has a tragic story behind the scene. You are playing as the young Violet who woke up in the middle of the woods alone and encountered a mansion lived by a witch. As puzzling as solving the house is, one mistake can instantly kill you. You will learn the loneliness of the witch and strangely, your name is constantly mentioned as the witch’s friend.

However, the plot twist of the ending will surprise you how painful a betrayal in a friendship can be.

5)  Misao

This game touches some sensitive subjects which raises awareness about bullying and rape culture. Misao is from the same creator of ‘Mad Father’, circles around the protagonist (you can choose either male or female) who explores his/her school that is sucked into another dimension caused by a dead girl’s curse. During her lifetime, Misao is a tragic heroine who became an easy target for bullying, a rape victim and never found happiness until her three-month disappearance. You are opt to uncover the secrets behind her ‘disappearance’ and reveal the true faces of those who wronged her. Not only do the evil spirits and your distorted school hallways are the only element of scare, but the tragic story of Misao herself is more disturbing than mere ghosts.

These games were acknowledged by famous game-based Youtubers such as Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Jackscepticeye, and the list goes on! So have a go for that ’tunnel to the past’ experience of a nostalgic pixelated horror game!