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Memento Mori My Friends 3 Things To Remember From Legendary YouTube Channel Unus Annus

Memento Mori, My Friends: 3 Things To Remember From Legendary YouTube Channel Unus Annus

November 15, 2019 and November 13, 2020 – two dates that will likely be carved into YouTube history forever.

More than a year ago, on the 15th of November 2019, the YouTube fanbase was shocked by the surprising appearance of a new channel – the now infamous ‘Unus Annus’ (meaning ‘One Year’ in Latin). The YouTube channel was very noticeably manned by popular YouTubers Mark ‘Markiplier’ Edward Fischbach (with 28 Million subscribers) and Ethan ‘Crankgameplays’ Nestor (with 2 Million subscribers). That itself wasn’t overly surprising – YouTubers do collabs with each other everyday, and second channels are certainly nothing new. No; what really rocked the Internet was the concept they were willing to perform – they’d post one video everyday on Unus Annus for the next whole year, and then when the year was up, they would delete the entire channel and everything in it.

With this incentive, fans scrambled to watch all 365 videos posted to the channel before the year’s end. Said videos were packed with way more content than any fan of either Mark or Ethan were expecting – chaotic shenanigans, cringey moments, incredibly cryptic lore, and lots, lots, of inside jokes. All the YouTube videos were free to watch – all one really needed was an Internet connection like Time Internet, and you were good to go (for those interested, However, while the channel has since ended and all videos have been deleted, certain inside jokes still remain fully in fans’ memories – forever an allusion to this crazy channel that would only happen once in a lifetime.

So for those fans of Unus Annus, here are 3 things from this legendary channel to forever remain inside our hearts:

1. The Disclaimer Song

‘The Disclaimer Song’ is perhaps one of the most famous and recurrent songs from Unus Annus to ever emerge from a video adlib. Originating from the since deleted video ‘DIY Bungee Jumping’, the source video saw Ethan and Mark attempt to create a makeshift ‘bungee cable’ in their backyard; done by tying a complex rope knot to a tree branch and securing it to a vest the other would wear. Due to the dangerous nature of the activity, Ethan ad libbed a ‘Disclaimer Song’, complete with a backup track by editor Lixian – which was so unexpectedly banging that it would appear in future videos and fan memory for months to come.

“Hey now, don’t try this at home…”
Verse 1 of The Disclaimer Song, Ethan Nestor

2. The Dance of Italy

Yet another unexpected inside joke/song/dance move created by Ethan Nestor, ‘The Dance of Italy’ hailed from a joke in the since deleted video ‘DIY Cheese’. While trying to make cheese from an online recipe, Mark and Ethan ponder the nature of Italy, the nation where the recipe came from, which culminates in Mark suddenly telling Ethan to do ‘the dance of Italy’. Inspired and put on the spot, Ethan abruptly churned out the ‘Dance of Italy’ – a repeating one-line song complete with a very bad stanky-leg dance move. The spontaneous dance break was so humorous fans started making allusions to it after the video – and even the channel – was over; which is even more funny when you consider that Mark and Ethan technically ‘banned’ it.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, it’s the Dance of Italy!”
Repeating line from The Dance of Italy, Ethan Nestor

3. The ‘Cryptids’

For a channel that only lasted one year, there are so, many, Cryptids, in Unus Annus.

Here’s just a small list of them:

The Melon Man:

Originating from the video ‘We Break Watermelons Betwixt Our Mighty Thighs’, the video saw Mark and Ethan try (and fail) to crush watermelons using only their thighs. Eventually, Ethan seemingly devolves into madness during the process; and unravels into the crazed Cryptid ‘The Melon Man’ who crushes the watermelon in his bathroom and feasts on it’s remains.

“The melon makes the man, the man makes the melon…” (Ethan as ‘The Melon Man’)


An inside-joke that culminated into something more, ‘Heehoo’ is the final evolution (or ‘de-evolution’, as it were-) of the commonly alluded to inside-joke ‘Caveman Mark’. This was the name given to Mark in the few videos where he would seemingly ‘go feral’ and act like a neanderthal. This joke, however, came to it’s head with the release of the video ‘Hunting Heehoo’; a cinematic, mock-umentary masterpiece following Ethan as he hunts his former friend – now the feral caveman ‘Heehoo’ – through the wilderness.

“…it was like he was going feral.” (Ethan, about ‘Heehoo’).

The Gongoozler:

The Gongoozler is a water-based cryptid that culled from the video ‘Mark Conquers His Fear of Night-Swimming’. In this video, Mark – who famously has a fear of the ocean and water – attempts to get over his fear of swimming in complete darkness by swimming in his pool at night, with Ethan accompanying him. However, Ethan – in his attempts to scare Mark further – devolves into the Gongoozler; a fish-tailed water cryptid that swims around Mark and taunts him in a throaty voice.

“…have you ever heard the Gongoozler’s call?” ( Time fibre internet as ‘The Gongoozler’).