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Impact of Colours on Design

When it comes to visual design trends, colour gets all the attention as it has a lot of impact and expressiveness on visual design. This is what makes them appealing to users, and that’s why designers utilize them as the focus when it comes to designing a beautiful image, poster or even website. Colours are given more importance than any other design elements by talented designers or custom website developers malaysia. This is because colours have a greater ability to communicate.

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They pay more attention to colours than to pictures, which have a greater ability to communicate. Nowadays, colour palettes are no longer restricted to a single dominant tone. There are many strong contrasts of bold and lively corresponding colour that stand out, aiming for visual impact more than harmony. This is due to the fact that several modern graphic design styles move in a cyclical pattern.

Colour has a significant impact on everything around us such as design. Depending on factors like culture, personality, and a variety of other characteristics, every colour has a different meaning to us. Therefore, it can be said that colours also have a significant influence on the human subconscious. Simply by looking at a certain colour, it can actually stimulate a certain emotional response.

An expert designer understands that selecting the proper colours isn’t just about attractiveness but colours can also be used to communicate an idea or a message. For instance, consumers may place greater trust in a business simply based on its brand colours. The right choice of colour combinations in a website would have a positive effect on the consumers. It would encourage them to stay longer, and as a result, the consumer would engage more and probably even fulfill the website’s purpose which is to convert visits into sales. A wrong choice of colour, on the other hand, would have a negative effect where consumers would search for websites of competitors which have more enticing colours. 

By creating and establishing a standardized colour palette, designers can help businesses by creating a visual language that reflects the brand or product consistency. To explore a few colour trends that are popular recently, we first take a look at vibrant colours modulated by neutrals. This trend is a result of the combination of vibrant colours and neutral colours. It may not be harmonic, but the impact is evident. This is due to the vibrant colours being softened by the neutral colours which helps direct the attention of the viewer to the area which designers intend them to focus on.

The next colour trend is colour blocking and big solid coloured areas. This trend is made up of an experimental mix of bright, vivid colours and their complementary colours. They are not necessarily an exact opposite colour combination but rather developed with the idea of having a strong contrast between solid regions of colour. This method had been used by fashion designers even back in the 1960s.  

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Last but not least, using more colour palettes is also one of the popular colour trends today. As mentioned above, the visual language will reflect a brand’s consistency. Hence, having a great set of colour palette can help achieve that. Traditional colour palettes were substantially limited in the past as they were made up of simply one or two primary colours. However, the introduction of complex design systems has expanded the colour palette by including a highlight colour and a few neutrals. This has ultimately contributed to the growth of this trend.