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How Can You Help The Environment?

Our environment is our home. It provides us shelter, assurance, beauty, and life. I mean, we literally won’t be able to stand to breathe and eat without our environment. Nature provides us everything we love and cherish. Colorful sunsets and sunrises, clean air, Fresh trails for beautiful hikes, magnificent waterfalls, tiny snowflakes, and the cutest animals known to man. 

Unfortunately,  we have been neglecting this home a little bit. Maybe, “little” is an understatement. Our home is on undying fire, raining hails in the tropics, melting the ice caps, polar bears dying, turtles choking on plastic bags, and the list is endless. It is not only one organism facing the brunt of our armful actions. Environment changing means it is changing our food chain and the entire ecosystem. Recent research suggests that human placentas now contain microplastics as a result of mass production and wastage of plastics in billions every year. 

But fret not, all hope’s not lost. While recovery can take time, the first step towards is educating one another and making huge steps towards change. Fast. 

So what are some things we can to help our environment

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

We have been hearing about the 3R’s of waste management ever since we were kids. But how many of us have truly thought about implementing this practice in our daily life? It is about time we normalize the 3R’s. 

Reduce involves taking steps towards reducing the amount of waste in your life. And what we have bought but we never used, or long forgotten about we can consistently reuse. Not possible to reuse? Recycle. And upcycle. So many companies are now taking an initiative towards recycling the waste, such as clothes and fabrics to rework them and Upwork them for recycling purposes. 

  1. Cutting Down On Fossil Fuel Usage

Fossil fuels are a staple in our life ever since the industrial revolution. This may have been the biggest blessing yet the biggest curse for our environment. While fossil fuel is one of the most sufficient energy sources to ever exist, it is also the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases. When we burn petroleum and gasoline leads to an excessive level of CO2 that contributes to the greenhouse effect. 

When we reduce the number of times we use unclean energy sources, we instantly see a change in the environment. We can control climate change and possibly save the tropics and other parts of the world from increasing temperature. Inevitably, simply saving our environment

  1. Switching Out The Plastic Content

Plastic is also another culprit in killing our environment. Man-made plastic accounts for millions of tons of waste being accumulated both on land and in the ocean. Switching out our plastic bags that are nonbiodegradable to more eco-friendly bags can also make the biggest difference in the number of plastics that contributed to environmental pollution. We see plastic everywhere. We see it as we swim, we see it in the seafood we consume, we even the traces of microplastic in the chicken and beef we consume, and even in the plastic-based milk containers. To end the traumatizing cycle of plastic usage, we must take conscious efforts towards sustainable and eco-friendly choices. This goes to all of us whether we are an binary system mlm, or an artist from Vienna. Choices are to be made by all of us!

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