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Fashion Design: What Is The Career About And What Can You Work On

Do you have a dream of making your thoughts come true by fashion? Do you want to have your own clothing brand? Then you are probably already thinking about studying Fashion Design.

Fashion design is a career that is sometimes not well understood and many people think that those who study this degree are condemned not to find work in Malaysia, but the reality is completely different, and that is why today Widad University invite you to know what the labor field of this career:

Fashion Design: What Is It About

Fashion design is the application of the principles of art and design to the clothing and accessories that people wear. Fashion is designed taking into account the cultural and social context, the time and place where they are created and used.

This career is an excellent option for innovative and creative minds who seek to translate their ideas through the use of fabrics and various materials. This discipline is not limited to the creation of accessories and clothing but is part of an entire industry that impacts society every day.

Being a fashion designer used to be much in excess of just to know the way to sew, and with a career with several many features comes to a wide field of work:

What Is The Professional Field Of Fashion Design

Here Are Some Of The More Conventional Jobs Mentioned For Those Who Study This Career:

1. Work In Retail

Large companies fast fashion are always looking for new talents willing to join their team.

Whether as a designer, researcher or shopping expert, fashion designers have many opportunities to explore and put all their knowledge to use in the global marketplace.

2. Create A New Company And Your Own Brand

If you dream of having your own brand and bringing all your ideas to reality, studying fashion design will help you obtain the necessary tools to start your own company.

Don’t worry about starting locally! Most of the well-known designers started out with small boutiques. In recent years the local market has gained a lot of recognition and fashion designers have a greater impact on the local economy.

3. Market Research

Not everything has to be runways and magazines, and that is why you can also find fashion designers in the departments of marketing, research, and analysis of trends and consumer behaviors.

4. Journalism And Fashion Magazines

Fashion journalism is much more than just talking about fashion and clothing and accessory trends, it is also about reflecting and reporting on the role of this discipline in society and how it impacts social and cultural issues.

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