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Checklist When You Go for Ampang Hilir Condo For Rent

To formalize a relationship with a tenant legally for Ampang Hilir condo for rent, the owner must provide a package of documents that can certify his ownership. Among them: 

  • documents of title to the apartment (certificate of ownership, additionally a donation or purchase and sale agreement); 
  • home owner and tenant identification code and passport; a certificate from the housing office with a list of all registered at the address (taken from the CPAU upon request); 
  • written consent from all owners of the apartment for rent; 
  • permission of the board of trustees, if the child is registered there; 
  • an act of acceptance and transfer of property, if the owner wants to maximally secure his belongings that are in the apartment. 

We talked about the last document a little higher. The list in it can be quite extensive; since it is according to it that the tenant will pay funds as needed. When renting an Ampang Hilir condo, the tenant also has the right to demand a passport from the owner, and, after checking the documents for the apartment, conclude a lease agreement with the owner of the apartment, which should spell out the main wishes, requirements and obligations of the parties. 

Lawyers advise to prescribe a system of double approval in the contract. The landlord exposes a certain amount for damage, the tenant agrees with it; the write-off amount is written in the application and certified by a notary in the presence of the parties. This scheme only seems complicated, yet it ensures that nothing is left unaccounted for. 

Registration of an apartment lease agreement 

Without a lease agreement for an apartment, the tenant will have no legal basis to stay in the housing, which is fraught with sudden evictions and other “surprises”. 

What does an apartment rental agreement look like? 

A standard apartment rental agreement is concluded with a notary. The agreement details the conditions, cost and terms of the lease, information about the parties to the agreement, the rights and obligations of the tenant and the owner, guarantees, reasons for early termination and financial obligations. If desired, the tenant and the owner of the property indicate any other points in the agreement, based on the individual characteristics of the property or the wishes of the parties for example, the presence of insurance and guarantee deposits, and cases that involve their payment. 

What must be indicated in the apartment rental agreement? 

The apartment rental agreement contains: 

  • general information; 
  • the subject of the lease; 
  • the procedure for renting an apartment; 
  • lease term; 
  • the amount of the rent; 
  • the procedure for the transfer of rent; 
  • the rights and obligations of the lessor; 
  • the rights and obligations of the tenant; 
  • responsibility of the parties for violation of the contract; 
  • contract time; 
  • details of the parties. 

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