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Why study Information Systems?

IT professionals use to be in heavy demand in companies to produce an extensive variety of goods and services across the world. Direct proof of this use to be the level of salaries that happen to be offered to IT experts. For example, in Malaysia, an IT manager earns about 120,000 a year, in Europe – $ 100,000 a year.

At the same time, IT workers happen to be much less tied to the cultural environment of a particular country than specialists in other industries. You can study in Australia and find a job, for example, in Hong Kong. And if Hong Kong is bored, you might travel to America or Europe. Obviously, domestic universities offer IT training programs also. But, unfortunately, diplomas from Malaysian universities are poorly quoted on the international labor market. In addition, to find a job abroad, the Malaysia “crust” will have to be notified. And if you happen not to be good at English particularly, post completing elementary education you can spend fairly a lot of time for mastering the language at an satisfactory level.

In this scenario, it happens to be much cleverer going to abroad to study IT. Thus, you will be able to kill two birds along with a single stone: having a diploma from a significant university and study the international communication language.

Master course on Information Technology

Have you completed Information Technology (IT) degree and wish to do something additional with it? Do you feel that you have a lot of theoretical knowledge in IT and would be happy to apply that knowledge in a specific context? Do you already have a diploma in Office management and technology? So a Masters in Information Technology is a perfect opportunity? With a Master’s Degree in Information Technology you will not only broaden your perspective in the field, but also apply your knowledge in situations in the real world. The course allows you to specialize in the design, management and implementation of new information technology services. Such a course is usually multidisciplinary and is often combined with a business aspect, so you also develop your management skills and learn how to use your knowledge in the field within a business context. 

Practical and theoretical knowledge

With a Master’s Degree in Information Technology (IT) from Widad University, you will achieve a perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and learning experience. On this page you can find several Master’s programs in Information Technology (IT) at universities around the world. Start looking for your Master in Information Technology (IT) right now!

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Why Study Business Technology Management?

Nowadays, most companies are in constant technological catch-up. With your skills built on a solid knowledge of technology, business, process, and project and change management, you will help bridge this gap. This “Fakulti pengurusan dan teknologi pejabat” program will transform you into a tech-savvy manager, able to harness information and communications technologies, increase productivity and become an innovative entrepreneur.

Group Of Coworkers Discussing In Conference Room

You will expand your knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Information and communications technology;
  • Business process analysis;
  • Project management;
  • Critical thinking;

Communication and interpersonal relationships.

At the end of your program, you will have the necessary skills in technology, computer programming, project supervision and launching new technologies in the workplace to become a manager, for example in a young innovative company.

This is an undeniable competitive advantage for any company.

Technology in business management

What is technology in business management?

The Technology in Business Management career seeks to train technologists with capacities and support competencies in diagnostic, logistics and coordination activities for the execution of managerial decisions; able to identify opportunities and threats in the organizational environment, participate in the design of business plans that can materialize in a sustainable and profitable way for the organization.

What will you learn to do?

  • Identify problems and support the search for appropriate solutions to improve productivity and business competitiveness.
  • Implement tactical decisions in product and process planning of manufacturing and service operations.
  • Participate in the design of business plans that can materialize in sustainable projects.
  • Apply knowledge in marketing implementing strategic plans to contribute to the positioning of the company and increase product rotation.
  • Identify new business opportunities to diversify the field of action of the company.
  • Evaluate the correct use of the financial resources of the organization
  • Evaluate compliance with the quality parameters in the provision of the company’s services and products.
  • Apply knowledge in human talent management.

What can you do?

  • Management assistant.
  • Administrative assistant.
  • Assistant to the Budget Area.
  • Coordinator of departments or divisions such as human and financial resources.
  • Evaluator and supervisor of operational performance in the organization.
  • Manager of small and medium-sized companies (SMES).
  • Provide assistance in the formulation and implementation of strategic planning processes, investment projects and business valuation.
  • Businessman.

Provide assistance in the production or service area.

It is clear that efforts should be directed mainly towards equipping and strengthening economics professionals with the necessary capacities to understand and apply IT not as a simple support for the company, but as a vital organizational function necessary for the development of its profession. Thus, they must update their strategic vision based on the new reality; They will need to improve their technical, administrative and business skills to understand and adapt to the new role of IT and the need for its management, as well as the other functions understood in today’s organizations.

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hiring Branding Companies

So, you decide to open up your own business. Congratulations! You are going to have your own office, employees, even a name that you cleverly came up with. But there is one glaring issue that you need to solve before you can open your business, a logo. Logos are a core identity to companies as they will help raise awareness to the general public of your company. However, since you just started, you may not have a team that would help you get your business running. This is where branding companies step in, with years of experience under their belts and a team full of aspiring designers to get your business up and running for the long run. 

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of hiring a brand company:


  1. New Perspective

Even if you have your own design team, branding companies are able to offer new perspectives and knowledge they gain from working with previous clients. They can help their clients to keep up-to-date with trends and help develop a design that will meet your expectations.

  1. More Creativity

If you pick a company that has years of experience, then you will expect a lot of creativity from their team. These brand companies are able to come up with more designs and consult with their clients more effectively to create their ideal designs.

  1. More Experience

It might be nice to have your own team of designers and all, but hiring a brand company is a wiser idea when you truly wish to achieve your ideal end result. Brand companies who have worked for a long period of time have developed business strategies that will help your company to operate by coming up with modified business strategies they used for past clients. Additionally, these brand companies may have worked with major companies which boosts their credibility.


  1. Not Cost Effective

Although it is good to have a brand company to help you develop your ideal designs, you will end up paying the brand company more than your own team. This could also be 

  1. Inconsistent speed

Compared to your own design team, brand companies require more information about your project before they can start working which could be more costly and work to be done more slowly. Additionally, the brand company may be dealing with other projects as well which they may prioritize more than your project.

  1. May not be trustworthy

You can hire a brand company to help you lighten your workload, but without the ability to monitor their progress, you may not be able to achieve your ideal end products. The team may also feel less pressured to complete tasks as they are not directly influenced by their clients.

To gain the most optimal results, business companies can hire branding companies malaysia  to work together with their own team. By having your team working with the hired branding companies, you can achieve one of the best results that will exceed your expectations. 

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Plasticizers For Concrete, Uses And Characteristics

Plasticizers for concrete increase the workability and workability of the mix. This makes it possible to use cement masses that would otherwise be impossible to place on site or to reduce the mixing water of the concrete for the benefit of its strength.

Concrete additives are added in percentages that vary between 0.1 and 3%, producing significant changes in the characteristics of the binder.

What are plasticizer additives used for?

Plasticizing admixtures for concrete are chemicals of a predominantly organic nature that add its grain size to the concrete and facilitate the fluidity of the mortar.

In the construction industry, additives must be used that can improve the basic characteristics of mass concrete.

These additives are basically used to:

  • Reduce the mixing water compared to that of a binder of the same consistency without additive;
  • Produce beneficial effects in reducing the tendency to segregation of the mixture;
  • Reduce permeability and, consequently, obtain a more durable conglomerate characterized by less shrinkage and deformation;
  • Increase the workability of concrete;
  • Increase the adhesion of concrete mortar to reinforcing elements and various building materials;
  • Ensuring mass uniformity;
  • Reduce the volume of cement consumption by up to 20%;
  • Increase the resistance of foundation structures;
  • Improve the tensile, bending and shear strength of concrete;
  • Increase the mechanical compression and resistance to frost temperature and humidity of the concrete;
  • Reduce the risk of cracking on the concrete surface;
  • Reduce shrinkage-induced stress;
  • Reduce the percentage of water, improving the characteristics of the already hardened product;

Extend the useful life of the product obtained.

The different plasticizers

Depending on the purpose, all construction plasticizers are divided into several main types.

The Omega 101 allows to obtain long periods of workability in all the levels of consistency, in comparison to the classic additives.

It has a wide dosage range so it can easily be used in a wide range of concretes.

With this chemical supplier Malaysia plasticizer a homogeneous, cohesive concrete, free of exudation and weakly viscous is obtained, so a better finish can be achieved more easily.

3d resources is specially formulated for the construction of semi-dry consistency concrete. In addition, it improves the resistance of parts made of dry concrete.

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An organic basket when you want it

Organic food often rhymes with detours and lack of variety in the grocery store. Yet healthy eating should be simple, enjoyable, and manageable. This is why have decided to create an organic online store allowing you to get your basket of vegetables, your basket of fruits , your vegetable plants and organic herbs when you want. You don’t have to subscribe annually. The process is very simple: you make your choices, you pay, you pick up the basket in one of our 2 drop-off points or, if you are part of our territory, they also deliver to your home. 

A certified organic organic basket

OnGrocer attaches great importance to the freshness, quality, and origin of the products they offer. This is why the baskets of seasonal fruits and vegetables are filled with harvests mainly from local organic producers. The cultures are then carried out in fields or in greenhouses. There are also foreign organic producers in order to offer you an excellent variety 365 days a year. Buying certified organic baskets, through Pure Horticulture, means that what you eat had to meet rigorous specifications before it got to you, just like how you would like to know why people would buy frozen lobster online. It happens to be a question of integrity and do not compromise in this regard.

Take the leap by converting to organic baskets

By creating this online shopping platform OnGrocer devotes a lot of time and energy to offer the customers the best. If you have the time and want to come and shop directly at the market, OnGrocer will be happy to meet and advise you. But, if you happen to prefer to shop your cart online for all kinds of reasons, now you can. From March to October, you will find on our site about fifty varieties of organic herbal plants, from May to July when the time comes to create your own vegetable garden, you can get your organic vegetable plants and, all the year you will have the opportunity to buy your basket of organic fruits and vegetables. Take the leap and come see us often! Happy shopping.

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The puchong jaya house for sale Options You can Go for

Whether it’s the first or the second, buying a house such as a house for rent in puchong is always a serious and important decision, never to be taken lightly. When you are about to take such a step, in fact, it is necessary to carefully evaluate every little detail, since unpleasant surprises are always around the corner. Probably, many will tell you that the perfect house does not exist such as apartment puchong, but it is still possible to find the house of your dreams if you follow some tips and rules. Here are our tips for a safe puchong jaya house for sale!

Questions to ask you before buying a house

The current situation has led us to ask ourselves whether or not it would be worthwhile to buy a house during a pandemic, but in reality there are many other questions you need to ask yourself before buying a property, and even before you start looking for it. Between these:

  • What are you looking for in a house?
  • What’s your maximum budget?
  • Should you buy it with a garden or without?
  • How many rooms do you need?
  • How many bathrooms do you need?
  • Do you need a house that also has a garage, a cellar or an attic?
  • Do you want a home near your workplace?
  • Do you want a house well connected to public transport?
  • Do you need a child-friendly home, close to school and services?
  • Is it better a condominium apartment or a single house?
  • In the center or in the suburbs?

Don’t be charmed, the housing market is momentarily stalled and people have to sell.

Contact A Notary

Each notary has his own prices. Ask for various quotes and then entrust him with the security of buying a house with peace of mind with documents he has inspected and guaranteed.

Always Check The Jobs

Always be present on site to view the progress of the work on a daily basis, you still have to pay and make sure that the work is done as you wish.

Check The Market Prices

Take a tour of the area to check the prices of other houses and compare them with yours.

Negotiate Percentage At The Agency

Real estate agencies have real rates, but they too have water in their throats at this deadlock.

Assess The Specifications Before Signing

Often in the specifications there are basic materials that may not be to your liking or even find you paying extra for exceptions not included in the contract.

Don’t Get Dragoned By Emotions

It is your new home and you often underestimate the flaws because of the strong emotional shock that involves you.

Get Advice From Friends And Relatives

External people are able to not get involved in the feeling, ask them for advice and opinions.

Estimates, Estimates And More Estimates

You will have to deal with plumbers, electricians, bricklayers and various traders in the most diverse materials. Turn around, ask and evaluate each purchase. For more articles such as this one, click here.

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Checklist When You Go for Ampang Hilir Condo For Rent

To formalize a relationship with a tenant legally for Ampang Hilir condo for rent, the owner must provide a package of documents that can certify his ownership. Among them: 

  • documents of title to the apartment (certificate of ownership, additionally a donation or purchase and sale agreement); 
  • home owner and tenant identification code and passport; a certificate from the housing office with a list of all registered at the address (taken from the CPAU upon request); 
  • written consent from all owners of the apartment for rent; 
  • permission of the board of trustees, if the child is registered there; 
  • an act of acceptance and transfer of property, if the owner wants to maximally secure his belongings that are in the apartment. 

We talked about the last document a little higher. The list in it can be quite extensive; since it is according to it that the tenant will pay funds as needed. When renting an Ampang Hilir condo, the tenant also has the right to demand a passport from the owner, and, after checking the documents for the apartment, conclude a lease agreement with the owner of the apartment, which should spell out the main wishes, requirements and obligations of the parties. 

Lawyers advise to prescribe a system of double approval in the contract. The landlord exposes a certain amount for damage, the tenant agrees with it; the write-off amount is written in the application and certified by a notary in the presence of the parties. This scheme only seems complicated, yet it ensures that nothing is left unaccounted for. 

Registration of an apartment lease agreement 

Without a lease agreement for an apartment, the tenant will have no legal basis to stay in the housing, which is fraught with sudden evictions and other “surprises”. 

What does an apartment rental agreement look like? 

A standard apartment rental agreement is concluded with a notary. The agreement details the conditions, cost and terms of the lease, information about the parties to the agreement, the rights and obligations of the tenant and the owner, guarantees, reasons for early termination and financial obligations. If desired, the tenant and the owner of the property indicate any other points in the agreement, based on the individual characteristics of the property or the wishes of the parties for example, the presence of insurance and guarantee deposits, and cases that involve their payment. 

What must be indicated in the apartment rental agreement? 

The apartment rental agreement contains: 

  • general information; 
  • the subject of the lease; 
  • the procedure for renting an apartment; 
  • lease term; 
  • the amount of the rent; 
  • the procedure for the transfer of rent; 
  • the rights and obligations of the lessor; 
  • the rights and obligations of the tenant; 
  • responsibility of the parties for violation of the contract; 
  • contract time; 
  • details of the parties. 

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What Is Investing In A House For Rent In Dutamas?

The value of residential real estate intended for the middle stream of the population is always determined by the ability of the population to pay for it. As income grows, so does the nominal value of the real estate. But we can never expect people to pay 90% of their income for rent or mortgage. These are, of course, general truths, and I am not saying anything new.

However, if the rise or fall in real estate prices concerns you personally and you are buying an apartment for yourself or as an investment, you will not be interested in general truths, but in the specific forecast of the price of the apartment you want to buy.

In addition, you need to ask yourself the following question: Did I choose a site that has the potential to be interested in it in the future?

You may be interested in:   How not to miss the right time to sell the apartment you are renting

From an economic analysts point of view, it is certainly important to know whether apartment prices will generally go up or down.

However, we as investors are interested in the specific apartment we are buying. What do his surroundings look like? Will the area be just an empty ghetto in a few years? Should an industrial zone be built near your house according to the zoning plan? Is the apartment located in an environment that will suit the aging population?

Monitoring the national market is important, but if you sell your apartment over time, buyers will not be interested because the house for rent Dutamas is far more expensive. Each apartment or other property is sold individually, and although macroeconomic movements will affect the general interest in buying it, the location, presentation, and, last but not least, your bargaining skills will determine the actual price when selling.

The Right Selection

We are not so used to the situation when the price of a property is decided on which street it is located or even whether it is located on its right or left side. However, this trend is slowly beginning to appear, especially in larger cities, and we can expect that human vanity and the effort to have the upper hand over the neighbor will cause it to move on.


So if you are buying a property, by carefully considering its location, you can most likely guarantee that it will retain its value even though prices will fall in other places. Locations to consider can be any from Mont Kiara to Titiwangsa. Returning to the introductory analogy, it may cool down throughout the country, but if you choose a place where the sun shines all year round, you will always be warm here.

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Need A Scare? Here Are 5 Free Horror Role-Playing Games (RPG) To Play During Quarantine

Horror RPGs has been a hot trend in the gaming world, but when it comes to deliver the suspense and the tension that makes you feel on the edge of your seat, these games will give you the blast of the past with its pixelated graphic that would still capable of making you too scared to sleep at night! Best of all, they are all free to download for you to play after working with your network marketing software!

 Here are 5 free horror RPGs to play when you’re bored at home:

1)   Ib

What if you are a nine-year-old who is trapped inside an art gallery and is chased by monsters manifested from the art themselves? This puzzle-based game revolves around Ib, a young girl who found herself in another dimension of the art world. Mannequins come to life, portraits watching your every movements, sometimes there would be random paintings that will sing and scream (or even a silly sneeze) that will make you jump out of your seat. You are playing as a child who desperately searches for an escape while being accompanied by Gary, a young man who is also stuck in the other world. With intense chasing from growling monsters and mind-boggling puzzles, you are provided with a rose as your health bar. Lose all petals and your soul will be trapped forever in the ominous art gallery, or rather, you became a part of the art itself.

2)   Mad Father

There are times when your father is too busy to spend time with you because of work, but to find out about your father driven into obsession of making dolls out of living people will make you terrified for your naïve mind to comprehend. You are Aya, a sweet young girl who lives in a mansion cursed by your deceased mother’s vengeance against your father, a scientist whose utmost desire is to make you turn into a doll so that you could live in immortality.

Sickening, isn’t it? And that’s what makes the game more charming! You will encounter the vengeful souls of the dolls who used to be human beings and appease them, all the while finding ways to escape from your ‘Mad Father.’

Believe me, the true ending of the game will shock you of what has become of Aya after the chaos.

3)   Ao Oni

Although it follows the cliché trope of ‘going to a haunted house’, the ‘ghosts’ are more terrifying than you expect them to be. You are visiting an abandoned mansion with your friends after hearing rumors about it being haunted, until your curiosity may kill you. Inhabiting the mansion is an Ao Oni (Japanese translation of ‘Blue Demon’), a monster with unsettling features that might make you keep looking under your bed. Its bulging eyes, humongous nose and horrifyingly sharp teeth, the blue demon is known by game lovers as a nightmare fuel. Solve puzzles while your life’s on the line, and if there is a sudden ominous music coming out of nowhere, RUN!

4)   The Witch’s House

A lonely witch living in the woods may seem familiar to you, but The Witch’s House has a tragic story behind the scene. You are playing as the young Violet who woke up in the middle of the woods alone and encountered a mansion lived by a witch. As puzzling as solving the house is, one mistake can instantly kill you. You will learn the loneliness of the witch and strangely, your name is constantly mentioned as the witch’s friend.

However, the plot twist of the ending will surprise you how painful a betrayal in a friendship can be.

5)  Misao

This game touches some sensitive subjects which raises awareness about bullying and rape culture. Misao is from the same creator of ‘Mad Father’, circles around the protagonist (you can choose either male or female) who explores his/her school that is sucked into another dimension caused by a dead girl’s curse. During her lifetime, Misao is a tragic heroine who became an easy target for bullying, a rape victim and never found happiness until her three-month disappearance. You are opt to uncover the secrets behind her ‘disappearance’ and reveal the true faces of those who wronged her. Not only do the evil spirits and your distorted school hallways are the only element of scare, but the tragic story of Misao herself is more disturbing than mere ghosts.

These games were acknowledged by famous game-based Youtubers such as Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Jackscepticeye, and the list goes on! So have a go for that ’tunnel to the past’ experience of a nostalgic pixelated horror game! 

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How to Know if the Property is Right for You

Are you looking for KLCC houses for sale? Are you assigned in your work here and thus, you plan to settle in this area for good, or maybe you just decide that this part of the country can be perfect for you and for your family? Well, KLCC is indeed a good place and it has endless opportunities. Finding a property here that will be suitable for you should be a no-brainer. Yes, as there are so many options when it comes to what you’re looking for and you can start by putting down on paper what you require. 

Generally, some of the things that can make a property just perfect is the following:

  • Location

Yes, I take it that you are looking for that property in the area mentioned above. But you can also find in other areas as Malaysia has so many opportunities spread in its different localities like for example in Desa Park City, which is also an amazing place. The bottom line is, the location should be what you and your family need, in terms of work, the usual but important facilities like market, medical centers and so on. 

  • Type of property

There are different types of properties these days which is not the case before. This is why there is a chance that you are not aware of this. As you probably noticed already, there are detached and attached properties. Most of the time, those properties that are attached can be cheaper since they are space constrained. You can’t extend even upward at times as the foundation cannot hold another extension and you cannot extend at the sides or at the back as well since there is no space. But there is also the bungalow type that comes with an allotted lot. 

  • Interior

Yes, the interior will also matter so you will be satisfied with it and there will be no need for you to think of a renovation. But then again, if you can’t find a property that is within your budget and with all your requirements, renovation might still be inevitable. But there is really no need for you to do that right way, or at least while you are still paying for the mortgage. the interior of the Desa Park City condo can wait a while.

Just like when shop for something for the first time, you should first research about the subject so you will know your best option.

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