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An organic basket when you want it

Organic food often rhymes with detours and lack of variety in the grocery store. Yet healthy eating should be simple, enjoyable, and manageable. This is why have decided to create an organic online store allowing you to get your basket of vegetables, your basket of fruits , your vegetable plants and organic herbs when you want. You don’t have to subscribe annually. The process is very simple: you make your choices, you pay, you pick up the basket in one of our 2 drop-off points or, if you are part of our territory, they also deliver to your home. 

A certified organic organic basket

OnGrocer attaches great importance to the freshness, quality, and origin of the products they offer. This is why the baskets of seasonal fruits and vegetables are filled with harvests mainly from local organic producers. The cultures are then carried out in fields or in greenhouses. There are also foreign organic producers in order to offer you an excellent variety 365 days a year. Buying certified organic baskets, through Pure Horticulture, means that what you eat had to meet rigorous specifications before it got to you, just like how you would like to know why people would buy frozen lobster online. It happens to be a question of integrity and do not compromise in this regard.

Take the leap by converting to organic baskets

By creating this online shopping platform OnGrocer devotes a lot of time and energy to offer the customers the best. If you have the time and want to come and shop directly at the market, OnGrocer will be happy to meet and advise you. But, if you happen to prefer to shop your cart online for all kinds of reasons, now you can. From March to October, you will find on our site about fifty varieties of organic herbal plants, from May to July when the time comes to create your own vegetable garden, you can get your organic vegetable plants and, all the year you will have the opportunity to buy your basket of organic fruits and vegetables. Take the leap and come see us often! Happy shopping.